Nail Treatments

Whatever the occasion we have perfect nails for you. From a simple “French Manicure” to Swarovski gemstones, your nails will certainly have the wow factor. We offer a variety of gels to create custom made overlays and sculptures to suit every client’s needs, according to your lifestyle and preference.

The Original Everlasting Gel Manicure

Unlike varnish that chips and peels, our Gel colour manicure is a durable gel that is applied as an overlay onto natural nails by a qualified technician. The Gel is then cured under UV or LED light to give it that strong, flexible, glossy finish which lasts for up to two weeks (Shellac or Gel Colour by OPI) up to three or four weeks (Bio Sculpture Gel). It soaks off easily without damage to nails.

Nail Extensions

A lightweight plastic plate that follows the shape of the nail is glued to the tip of the natural nail in order to add length. Acrylic, UV gel, Gel Powder or another mixture is then applied on top of the extension and is usually ‘cured’ in order to secure the extension and add strength and shine.

Nail Overlays

Overlays skip the extension step, and instead of adding artificial length onto the nail, the strengthening mixture is simply applied directly onto the natural nail in order to add strength and durability.

Price list

Polish hands, file, shape, buff£8
CND Vinylux polish hands, file, shape, buff£10
Polish feet, file, shape, buff£12
CND Vinylux polish feet, file, shape, buff£14
Take off Gel colours or Shellac (cut, file, shape, buff, nail treatment)£10
Take off Gel colours or Shellac and polish£12
Take off Gel colours or Shellac and manicure (with regular polish only) £20
Take off Acrylics or UV Gel (cut, file, shape, buff, nail treatment)£15
Take off Acrylics or UV Gel and polish£17
Take off Acrylics or UV Gel and than full manicure£23
Manicure (cuticles work, shape, file, buff, massage and polish)£15
Manicure with CND Vinylux polish£17
Manicure without polish or manicure for gents£12
Spa Pedicure (hard skin removal, scrub, rub, massage, shape, file and polish)£30
Spa Pedicure with CND Vinylux polish£32
Manicure & Spa Pedicure packagefrom £40
Paraffin waxextra £20
French designsextra £3

Gel Colours

Manicure with Shellac / OPI gel / IDB Just Gel / XO gel polish£28
Gel colours on toes with cuticle work file and shape only without spa pedicure£32
Spa Pedicure with Shellac / OPI gel / IDB Just Gel / XO gel polish on toes£42
Manicure with Bio Sculpture Gel£38
SNS Powder Overlay (hands only)£35
Spa Pedicure with Bio Sculpture Gel on toes£52
French gel designsextra £3

* Gel removal is not free unless the gel you have on now was done by us and you're having it removed then reapplied again, if not it will be extra £5

Unfortunately we do not offer Gel Colour without manicure (cuticle work).
The price for Gel Colour on its own is £27.


Acrylics system with polish£32
Acrylics with gel polish finish (Shellac, OPI Gel)£42
Pink & White£45
Gel Powder with polish£35
Gel Powder with gel polish finish£45
Sparly Glitter tips£42
SNS Powder extension£45
French gel designsextra £3

Extensions Infills

Acrylics infill with polish£22
Acrylics infill with gel polish finish (Shellac, OPI Gel)£32
Pink & White£35
Gel Powder with polish£25
Gel Powder with gel polish finish£35
Sparkly Glitter Tips£32