Microblading Brows

What is microblading brows?

A new technique where pigment is implanted into the epidermis of the skin using a very fine blade. Also called Eyebrows Embroidery it is considered to be semi permanent lasting anything between 1-3 years. The strokes appear crisp and fine as there is no spilling under the skin however the results can vary. Results depend on your skin type, skin colour, aftercare taken and your type of lifestyle. For example if there is a low contrast between the skin and the ink (dark ink on dark skin) the result is more likely to give a soft powdery look instead of sharp single strokes. This also applies to blonde strokes on pale skin. However if there is a high contrast between the ink and the skin colour (dark ink on light skin) the result is more sharp and crisp.

Microblading brows also known as feather touch brows generally last between 12 & 18 months. We offer a touch up for our clients at a reduced price (£100 if it is less than a year), which is a fantastic way to maintain your feather touch brows, but it is not a necessity. If clients leave their brows to fade without a touch up, brows will last generally between 12 & 18 months. Depending on the skin , some can last up to 2 years. Results vary from client to client.

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Price List

Touch-up within a year£100
Touch-up after a year
(£10 will be added for every additional month after the first year)

(Touch-up prices are for existing clients only)

After care for eyebrow enhancement

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